KPMG Workshop: ‘‘LinkedIn for Business’

The April workshop of our KPMG series for career related topics focuses on the other side of the employment relationship aiming to help employers...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

KPMG Workshop: ‘‘Onboarding at a new job’’

Join us for on March 28 for the Workshop “Onboarding at a new job’’. The experienced KPMG team will answer the key questions around...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

KPMG Workshop: ‘‘Building an effective presentation’’

The next KPMG career workshop will be held on Thursday March 7th, skipping our last Thursday of the month pattern to accommodate “Tsiknopempti”.  This workshop...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

KPMG Workshop: ‘‘One to one Interviews for Professionals’’

The KPMG career workshops are back after the Christmas and New Year’s break. The third workshop for this season will focus on One-to-One Interview...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

KPMG Workshop: ‘‘Stand out in your Job Interview – Make an impact’’

We will be welcoming the KPMG team for the second workshop of this season on November 29 at 18:30. This time we will be...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

KPMG Workshop: ‘‘How to become a CV & LinkedIn Expert’’

On Thursday, October 25 we will be holding the first KPMG event for this academic year. Tailored to the needs of SAKA members, these...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

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