KPMG Workshop-“Stress at work: seeking the power within me and creating connections around me”

We frequently experience significant transition periods at work. Personal, organizational or/and social changes affect our professional role. When facing such challenges, we often feel...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

KPMG Workshop: “Let’s have a speed dating…!”

One to One Coaching: being coached for your CV and LinkedIn profile and how to handle common interview questions. The key sections will be:...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

KPMG Workshop: «How to become a CV & LinkedIn Expert»

In a continuously changing market, candidates need to stand out and make the difference! Your CV and LinkedIn will give you the job opportunity...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

KPMG Workshop: ‘‘How to find your next career move and win it’’

New (school) year and we are back on track with our monthly Career Workshops. Join the experienced KPMG team on Thursday 26/9 at our Club...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

Brain Drain & Gain Survey – Παρουσίαση αποτελεσμάτων έρευνας KPMG

Γιατί οι Έλληνες συνεχίζουν να αναζητούν ευκαιρίες εργασίας στο εξωτερικό; Ποια η στρατηγική των επιχειρήσεων σχετικά με το “Brain Gain”; Ο ΣΑΚΑ υποστηρίζει και...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

KPMG Workshop: “Follow the path you desire, Road to a career change”

The May workshop of our KPMG series for career related topics focuses on the significance of doing what you like! Why is it important to...   Διαβάστε Περισσότερα

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