MA in Leadership

MA In Leadership

Athens 2011

MA Course Leader: Professor Peter Earley

We cordially invite you to enroll on the Institute of Education’s Masters degree in leadership. This Masters degree has been devised and agreed by the Institute and Hellenic-American Educational Foundation for the benefit of the teachers working in Athens College and Psychico College. This invitation has now been extended to other teachers working in schools and colleges in Greece.

The aims of the IOE’s MA Leadership course are:


1.    to equip you with a body of knowledge that will improve your understanding of leadership and learning in educational institutions, particularly schools;

2.    to enable you to reflect critically on key areas of theory, empirical research and values underpinning leadership, adult and student learning and learning communities;

3.    to enable you to apply key theories and research findings to your own working environment;

4.    to enable you to analyse and reflect critically on the wider policy context as it impacts on leadership and learning and the raising of standards;

5.    to enable you to explore ways in which leadership can contribute to the improvement of educational systems and institutions and particularly to the quality of teaching and learning;

6.    to foster reflection on practice throughout the course and particularly through engagement with other course participants.

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